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What is the epa news photo service?

When does a service photo become an archive photo?

How do I get access?

Can I get access to a certain category only?

How many images does the epa archive contain?

What are the rates for image usage?

Am I charged per download?

Are all epa images available in the epa webgate?

How far back does the epa digital archive go?

How do I find a particular image?

What do the particular search options stand for?

Do I have to fill in all fields for a search?

What does "auto-refresh results" mean?

Can I customize the webgate display?

Do the images have the same resolution as seen online?

How do I get assistance?

What is a lightbox?

How do I create a lightbox?

How do I retrieve the photos from my lightbox?

How do I rename a lightbox?

What is a basket?

What is an offer?