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Labour Photos

Many different aspects of the topic labour are represented as part of the epa archive at The epa archive houses some 4 million images some of which fall into this category. Areas as diverse as apprentices, health at work, labour dispute and retirement are offered as illustrations of this subject area. Images from all over the world make up the category labour and the wealth and diversity of content from different countries contributes to a rich and comprehensive library.


Advanced Training Photos

Advanced training photos illustrate training in a wide range of job activities from all corners of the world. The images illustrate the differences in advanced training culture from country to country. Images in this subcategory include such diverse jobs as learning to be a maid, to jet fighter advanced pilot training, from master-class chef schemes to military personnel learning how to use new equipment.

Apprenticies Photos

The epa archive contains images of apprentices in the work place from various places around the world. The content gives valuable examples of how apprentice's work differs from place to place. Images in this sub category are also of government leaders and press conferences highlighting the need for apprenticeship schemes to help reduce unemplyoment figures.


Employees Photos

Images in this subcategory illustrate the employee side of disputes, including mass gatherings of workers, press conferences of employee representatives and action taken by employees. Images also include employees going about the nature of their jobs in a day to day environment.

Employers Photos

Photos in this subcategory reflect employer involvement in disputes, representatives of employer organizations and issues relating to employer-employee relationships.


Employment Photos

Employment photos feature images of child labor, demonstrators demanding government stimulus to create jobs and employment opportunities or the lack thereof. The imagery also illustrates labor market data, ratings and the several employment services available. Other issues related to this subject such as jobseekers looking at vacancies, job recruiters, career fairs, outsourcing, migrant workers or working conditions are also available in this section as are images encompassing governmental employment ministers, and pictures from summits addressing the issue of employment.

Health at Work Photos

This section concentrates on injuries deemed to be work-related, including health issues generated by excessive working hours. In addition, this section also includes images of people involved in health care at work issues and public service employees working in jobs that have health hazards.


Labour Dispute Photos

Labour dispute photos illustrate the workers’ struggle for fair wages by means of talks as well as manifestations and protests. Imagery includes disputes with employers over payment, hours or working conditions and protests against reforms that include transfer to other services or gradual redundancies. This deep and comprehensive subcategory also includes images of general strikes resulting in cancelled flights and suspended underground through to litter pollution of entire city districts due to strikes of waste disposal services.

Labour Legislation Photos

Images in the labour legislation subcategory include demonstrations by workers from around the world against new or planned legislation involving workers' rights and conditions. They also show political figures promoting labour reforms and bills to outlaw discrimination on sexual orientation issues in the workplace. The issues range from reports and legislation on forced labour, minimum wages, to job contract laws and campaigns to boost work safety and improvements on working conditions.


Retirement Photos

This section centres mainly on facilities for retired people, but includes sports personalities whose careers have come to an end (tennis players, footballers and other sports persons, etc.). Also featured are images of retirement homes and facilities and protests from different parts of the globe on retirement issues such as age level and payments.

Strike Photos

This subcategory of images of strike action, also includes labour disputes and public figures responding to strike calls and/or action. The images illustrate the effects on workers and travellers when prolonged strike action takes place and include strike action from all areas of the globe, but with a heavy concentration on European coverage.


Unemployment Photos

Unemployment photos illustrate employees reacting to announcements of suspension and possible future redundancy. They also illustrate the poverty caused by employment and show unemployed citizens outside job centers, people contacting recruiters at job fairs and people looking for vacancies in other areas. The images also illustrate government responses to unemployment figures, demonstrations by the unemployed and reports and evaluations provided by the International Labor Organization. epa also provides images of recent job cuts and plant closings e.g. Goodyear, Iberia, Olympic Airlines, Opel, Arcelor Mittal, Daimler, Airbus / EADS, Nokia, Schlecker, Coca-Cola bottling plant, and several European banks.

Unions Photos

epa offers a variety of images related to unions across the world with a particular focus on the comparatively strong European unions. The category contains union-called demonstration, union negotiations and their leaders as well as areas covered by the subcategories Employees, Employers and Strike. This section will also show imagery relating to union's rights for same sex couples living in civil unions.


Wages and Pensions Photos

epa provides images on issues related to wages and pensions reflecting the income gap between the rich and the poor, changes in company pension schemes, as well as negotiations regarding minimum wages and cuts in social benefits. Furthermore, the imagery also depicts protests and manifestations, some turning violent, on the issue of wages and pension rights, government negotiations and statements on the issue.

Work Photos

Work photos are largely centered on workers going about their daily labour featuring craftsmen, businessmen, farmers, and all other kinds of job-holders and their working conditions in the streets, fields, workshops, factories, clinics, shops and garages. Work images also comprise images from the world of arts including the work of artists at exhibitions.