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epa european pressphoto agency is one of the leading international news photos agencies and stands for the highest level of customer service, user-friendliness and reliability.

The epa news photo service, comprised of a daily average of 2,000 images, is professionally edited with a highly competitive and timely photo selection. epa news photos compose a crucial component of its daily coverage from around the world. epa's photographers report on global news events from politics to social issues, breaking news, natural disasters, conflicts and war. epa's photographers have won international awards for their images and their news photos figure prominently on international newspaper fronts, websites and other media.

epa also produces photo essays of news photos of specific events, containing up to 25 pictures with a concise text. These news photos contribute to the historical documentation of the world in which we live, and are searchable in the epa webgate.

The major part of the epa archive - containing over seven million photos - is available online through the epa webgate.

Russia Protests / Navalny Arrest
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Arab Spring - 10th Anniversary
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USA Joe Biden Inauguration
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Belarus Anti-Government Protests
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USA Donald Trump Impeachment / Retrospective
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Holocaust Memorial Day
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Thailand Anti-Government Protests
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World Economic Forum
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Israel Government Crisis & Anti-Netanyahu Protest
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