Csango Summer Lifestyle

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Csango Summer Lifestyle

Photographer: Peter Kollanyi


Most of the Csango people, a Hungarian ethnic group of Roman Catholic faith, live in the Romanian region of Moldavia where they moved from Transylvania between the 12th and 17th century. A smaller group however, the Ghimes Csango, live in the Tatros valley in the Ghimes Mountains of Romania.

From spring to late autumn, Csango families in the Ghimes move to summer cottages in the high mountain forests and pastures of the upper Tatros valley from their winter villages, where they herd animals and make dairy products.

Their traditional language, Csango, is an old Hungarian dialect which is still in use among the ethnic minority, though a large part of the Csango people also speaks Romanian. The Csango population is estimated at about 60,000 people in Romania.