Russia Defense Ministry Boarding School

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Russia Defense Ministry Boarding School

Photographer: Yuri Kochetkov


The Russian Defense Ministry's boarding school for girls was founded by the Russian Defense Ministry and the Russian Government as part of the 'Strategy of Social Development of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces for the Period till 2020', based on the idea of the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. All the girls are from families of service men/women and the girls’ education is budgeted by the Defense Ministry.

The school provides education for those girls who lost parent/parents, as well as girls whose parents are on active duty in regions of the Far North, and other districts with adverse climatic or ecological conditions, or in military units which are located outside the Russian Federation. The school’s capacity for military and civilian staff is set at 322.

The school opened on 01 September 2008. According to the school, it provides high-quality secondary education and develops an appreciation of beauty and good taste in arts and culture. The pupils are aged between 10 and 17. Besides the core curricula, many additional subjects are taught: three foreign languages, dance, sport, art and music. The girls learn to play musical instruments and sing and may join the school orchestra. Art teaching covers painting, graphic design, sculpture, and batik (textiles).

Today the number of pupils amounts to 640, whilst the school’s capacity is actually 840. In 2011 the first 55 graduates left the school.