Surf Industry in Jeffreys Bay

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Surf Industry in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Photographer: Nic Bothma


For more than 40 years the waves of Jeffreys Bay have enticed surfers from all over the world to visit the southern tip of Africa to ride the legendary Supertubes, universally acknowledged as one of the top 10 high performance surf breaks on the planet. The surf zone known as 'J-Bay' to virtually every surfer on the planet is as complex as its name is simple. Not only has it been a perennial contender for world's best wave status; it's seen extraordinary social development in recent decades, with massive growth of its tourist industry matched by similar growth in the importance of surfing to the local economy and the now booming surf industry. Once a sleepy town with one hotel and a handful of shops, it is now one of the major outlets for surf retailers on the African continent.