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Atef Safadi

Jerusalem, Israel

Atef Safadi is epa's chief photographer for Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His career started with a local Israeli newspaper in 1996. He then moved to the newspaper Haaretz in 1997, and AFP as a freelancer in the North of Israel. At that time he covered part of the first Israeli-Lebanese war, and the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon in the year 2000. Later on Atef moved to Jerusalem to cover the Second Palestinian Intifada. In 2003 he joined epa as staff Photographer in Israel/Palestinian Territories.

Since 2003 he had been based in Ramallah, covering news events all over Israel and the Palestinian Authority, covered Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in the year 2005, the second Israeli-Lebanese war in 2006, and the Gaza War.

In 2015, Atef Safadi was appointed epa's chief photographer for Israel and the Palestinian Territories and is based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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