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Barbara Walton

Melbourne, Australia

Barbara Walton joined epa in April 2000 as photo editor on the Frankfurt news desk. In 2001 she was promoted to the position of Chief of Desk in Frankfurt.

In 2003 she decided to take over the newly created position of Chief Photographer South East Asia and moved to Bangkok where she was in charge of setting up and running a network of photographers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, East Timor, Philippines, Laos and Singapore. In this function, she not only organizes but also covers all major events taking place in the region since 2003, including the Tsunami in 2004. In 2017, Barbara relocated to Australia and continues to oversee the production from South East Asia.

Before working for epa, Barbara Walton held several positions with international media, including positions as Chief Photographer/Photo Editor for Associated Press in The Netherlands and New Delhi.


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