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Jason Szenes

New York City, New York, USA

Jason Szenes is a contract photographer for epa based in New York City, where he was born. He started working as a stringer for the New York Times, New York Post, Corbis-Sygma and UPI Photos in 1993.

Covering historic news events in and around New York City for 20 years his assignments included 1993 the World Trade Center Bombing, the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, the UN General Assembly as well as court trials such as Crime Boss John Gotti, NYC Subway Gunman Bernard Goetz, and other national breaking news stories.

Jason's coverage of major sporting events includes the Super Bowl, MLB World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, US Open Tennis, and The Kentucky Derby.

Entertainment rounds out Jason's portfolio with coverage of the Grammys, MTV Music Awards, the Tony Awards, and New York Fashion Week.

In his spare time, Jason loves to DJ - playing mostly electronic dance music.


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