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Michael Reynolds

Washington, D.C., USA

In 1999, Michael earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati. In 2003, he began working as a staff photographer in the China bureau for epa until his arrival in Washington in January 2009. Michael traveled extensively in Asia and covered major new stories such as the SARS outbreak, North Korean six-party talks, 2008 China earthquake and Beijing Olympics. He also did numerous photo stories on HIV/AIDS and drug proliferation, Hansen's disease, coal miners, desertification and poverty. Michael speaks Mandarin Chinese.

While in Washington, Michael has covered major political events such the inauguration of President Obama, the new START treaty signing in Prague, health care legislation and the 2012 election. While not working, Michael enjoys trips to the great outdoors with his wife Sophie and his dog 'Po'. Michael enjoys traveling, reading nonfiction and playing sports such as American football.


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