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Politics Photos

epa offers a vast variety of images from the field of politics. This is a multi-faceted category encompassing every conceivable element of politically-related events, personalities, demonstrations and governance at both local and national levels. In these numerous sub-categories imagery covers official international relations, usually deemed diplomacy, including negotiations, rallies, demonstrations and protests that are both pro and anti-government.


Searching the different sub-categories will also reveal areas of defence and security along with parliamentary and ministerial level meetings, bilaterals, etc. General elections from across the globe are well represented visually as well as campaigning and polling, victors and vanquished and the respective supporters.


Citizens' Initiative and Recall Photos

epa's citizens' initiative and recall photos make up a large part of our news coverage. Essentially, this sub-category illustrates the act of protesting (also referred to as manifesting, rallying or demonstrating) by organizations or groups of people for a given cause. People all over the world take part in small, sizeable and mass demonstrations on a daily basis for diverse reasons, such as calling on governments to change legislation, in reaction to a particular political issue, or to show support for minority groups, to name a few. Within epa's protest coverage, you will find portraits of individuals and prominent protesters as well as views of the masses, a recent example being Occupy Central in Hong Kong.

Constitution Photos

epa's constitution photos illustrate the fundamental principles, across all political issues, that define the way in which and by who laws are enacted to govern a given state or organization. In terms of imagery, epa offers a comprehensive variety of illustrations showing protest actions held for or against matters relating to constitutions, coverage from respective parliaments on constitutional matters, which includes the process of voting and elections and thus crosses over with the elections subcategory.


Defence Photos

epa’s catalogue of defense photography is a broad one, illustrating topics relating to military actions and policies put in place by governments the world over. This includes training exercises or drills conducted by soldiers, graduation ceremonies of members of the armed forces, the work of defense ministers, defense summits involving NATO or the United Nations Security Council and other relevant gatherings of world leaders, as well as the movements of military vessels in certain territories and the unveiling of new military equipment, such as aircraft and weaponry.

Diplomacy Photos

Researchers will unearth one of the broadest collections illustrating the diplomatic efforts of foreign ministers, envoys and negotiation groups tackling regional, national and international crises, disputes and contentious issues, many of which touch on nuclear programmes, human rights, territorial quarrels. Heads of state summits at different levels are also heavily represented here, along with EU council meetings, presidential state and prime ministerial-level visits and those holding senior portfolios such as Foreign, Defence, Finance Minister and Interior. Lower minister level is also well served.


Elections Photos

National, regional, local and council elections contribute to a rich and comprehensive archive of imagery, focusing on the prime candidates, pre-election features of campaign posters, the campaign trail itself leading up to polling day itself. Election day coverage will show the top party characters voting, along with regular citizens queuing to cast their votes. To add more depth and diversity on the day there is a concentration – subject to location – of colourful characters in national dress, clerical and army figures along with quirky polling station locations.

Espionage and Intelligence Photos

Recent whistle-blowing incidents have greatly enhanced this area of our politics section. The sub-category Espionage and Intelligence contains photos related to international intelligence gathering practices carried out by the major players in the political scene. There is also a focus on cyber security or cyber attacks and a strong selection of illustrations depicting texting in a variety of locations and general views of the main known intelligence headquarters around the globe. Key characters, personalities and victims connected with these elements of intelligence gathering are well represented here, as are manifestations by political and non-political organisations protesting about the treatment of whistle-blowing.


Foreign Aid Photos

With a focus on economic, technical, military or humanitarian aid, this foreign aid section delivers a very rich photo content for the researcher. Meteorological disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, outbreak of war or regional conflicts all contribute towards the need for aid that comes in the form of food, shelter and clothing. Our package here covers comprehensively the delivery and distribution of emergency support, including the preparation and transportation. Decision-making conferences by government and international bodies along with NGO’s feature strongly including headshots, full and half-length of keynote speakers.

Government Photos

An extensive range of photos of governmental activities incorporating the activities and meetings of government figures, ministries along with parliamentary business and debates. There is a particularly large concentration on the governments of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, South Asia, and Far East, USA and key issues involving the governments of Latin and South America. There is also cross-over elements from other sub-categories, with the inclusion of official visits, joint press conference and official state addresses; pro and anti-government demonstrations, rallies referencing power abuse in office, austerity measures, new regulations etc.


Human Rights Photos

Photos of prominent speakers, campaigners and activists against human rights abuses and organisations, government or NGOs feature strongly here along with the activities of groups marking anniversaries of past victims. High profile personalities, including Nobel Prize winners, are prominently served supplemented by larger scale and more physical demonstrations involving clashes with police and/or security services.

Interior Policies Photos

This photo sub-category focuses centrally on national interior policies and issues of government and their implementation. This translates into portraiture of the respective ministers, their press conferences, parliamentary activities and addresses/press conference. Once again there is cross-over content from Citizens’ Initiative, involving opposition or public opinion groups protesting at new laws and the enforcing by security forces. Such laws include the Islamic scarf controversy in France, Ukraine’s anti protest laws, deportation of Romani people from France and China’s one child policy, as examples.


Lobbying Photos

Another photo sub-category rich in content on the often controversial practice of lobbying that focuses on personalities, public and pressure groups and organisations attempting to influence the decisions made by officials in government touching on such topics as firearms, anti-smoking, food, pharmaceutical, environmental issues, military armaments, corporate interests groups and many more besides. Imagery includes, logos, rallies, government leaders and other ministers and with celebrities and high profile campaigners.

Local Authorities Photos

epa provides a wide selection of photos relating to local government activities, local authority leaders, press conferences and announcements of decision making by regional or local authorities. The category also relates to local governments on a higher lever or scale such as the Palestinian Authorities and the key public figures heading it. The mayors of the world’s biggest cities are featured most prominently in this topic.


Migration Photos

epa covers various aspects relating to the phenomenon of migration, that is the movement of people from their home country to another territory. Photos in this category illustrate the lives of immigrants, their struggles to reach new territory, temporary holding centers and medical care, as well as government reactions and responses to immigration. Migration may cross over with the refugees sub category, depending on an individual’s motivation for leaving their home country. Recent examples are the journeys of migrants trying to reach Spain or Italy by boat, often leading to rescue missions by coastguards and emergency personnel.

Nuclear Policies Photos

Nuclear policies are a hot topic, having serious impact on how the world evolves. epa's photo coverage of this political domain documents talks, seminars and meetings that shape the future. epa covers many of the EU and United Nations meetings that take place to discuss matters relating to nuclear policies. epa's archive of content contains a historical record of how nuclear policies have developed over the years. The content covers United Nations Security Council talks with Iran over their nuclear program, US committee hearings over planned nuclear construction, protest rallies over proposed nuclear projects and nuclear disasters such as Fukushima and the ongoing devastating effects on the environment and the community.


Parliament Photos

Parliament is a broad ranging topic covering many political areas and the content available via epa.eu provides a valuable resource. epa's political coverage of both breaking news events and the historical content housed in the ever growing online photo archive documents how decisions made in parliament have shaped and influenced society at large. epa's parliament photos record political landmarks such as newly elected Presidents, the passing of ground breaking bills, the introduction of democratically elected Parliaments and female Cabinet ministers. As a global news photo agency epa's parliament photos chart governmental decisions from all regions of the world.

Political Parties Photos

Political parties and their policies are a constant on the news landscape around the world. epa's photo archive of content charting political party news provides a valuable insight into global developments from various political party view points. epa's coverage ranges from party political general elections, campaign trails and historical coalition agreements to protestor rallies and anti-government campaigners, in short the decisions that have changed the face of the society today. epa's coverage of the White House Presidential political events is also a big focus. Overall epa's political coverage spans the world providing a comprehensive account of developments in this ever changing news sector.


Referenda Photos

epa's referenda-related photos are found in this sub-category. Essentially, referenda photos illustrate the process of citizens going to the polls in a general vote on a specific political question, as in the recent 'in-out' Scottish referendum or the Crimea status referendum in Ukraine. Thus, you will find images of people queuing and voting at polling stations, pre-referenda campaigns, pro and anti-referendum protest movements and reactions to the results by citizens and government or local/regional government officials.

Refugees Photos

A powerful selection of imagery illustrating the lives of refugees can be found in this sub-category. Material also crosses over with the migration sub-category, though here epa's offering relates more specifically to the act of leaving one's home country for political motives, under the circumstances of war or natural disasters, for example. By entering the search word 'refugees', you will be brought to a variety of suitable photography for your needs, such as recent coverage depicting the struggle of Syrian refugees who have been forced to relocate to neighboring countries like Turkey or Lebanon and even further afield, as well as eastern Ukrainian citizens who have had to flee due to the ongoing conflict in the region.


Regional Authorities Photos

Regional Authorities are responsible for governing towns, counties and regions of a state and as such relevant local events are covered by epa. By searching this category, you can expect to see photos of local and regional election campaigns, voting at polling stations and swearing-in ceremonies, again, crossing over with the elections subcategory. You will also find coverage of pro and anti-local/regional policy protests as well as independence bids by autonomous regions, such as the on-going attempts by Spain's Catalonia.

State Budget Photos

epa's coverage includes photos illustrating everything relating to state budgets. Essentially, this is a broad category encompassing the financial aspect of politics, and here you will find pictures of statements given by finance or economy ministers announcing annual budgets, parliamentary debates on budgeting, reactions by members of the public and other organizations, including protests, as well as coverage of troika meetings with government ministers, such as in the recent cases of Greece or Portugal, among other topics.


Treaties and International Organisations Photos

Treaties and international organisations photos make up an important part of epa's news coverage. While there are too many such organizations to list here, frequently covered events include the work of the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) - including general assemblies and international visits made by the secretary general - NATO meetings and activities, as well as other high-profile international summits attended by world leaders. You will find portraits in addition to family photos in this subcategory.