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The epa digital photo archive contains extensive picture coverage of major European events from the mid 1990’s and images of international news, sports, and arts, culture and entertainment from 2003.

Overall the epa archive contains about nine million images dating back to 1997. Every day the epa archive grows by an average of 2,200 pictures - generated by an extensive network of photographers worldwide. This is just a small overview of our comprehensive photo coverage as included in the epa archive:

Furthermore, the epa archive includes stock photos and creative images and historical images.


Historical Images from the EURO-Photo Project

European Pressphoto Agency is one of the leading European news agencies participating in the EURO-Photo project funded by the European Union's ICT Policy Support.

The EURO-Photo project aims to digitise 150.000 historical images from the archives of ten leading European news agencies during the project and to make them available to Europeana - together with a significant number of their historical pictures already digitised and captioned. Images in these archives are among the most valuable historical documents of the last century. They record the major domestic and international events (political, social, cultural, sporting), celebrities and daily life from the turn of the twentieth century to the mid 1990s.


The major part of the epa archive is available online through the epa webgate. For a complete access a personal login is necessary which is provided by epa upon request for its clients and partners.

For trial arrangements, specific images you would like to use, or for any other query, please contact us with us via email or call us at +49 69 244 321 866.