Selected Assignments

Vidskiptabladid Eftir Vinnu Supplement - Gylfi Sigurdsson Photos - Special Photo Assignment

Vidskiptabladid - 'Eftir Vinnu' Supplement

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Iceland's principal business weekly newspaper Vidskiptabladid was looking for a professional photographer for a portrait of Gylfi Sigurdsson at his home on the West Coast of Great Britain in Swansea, Wales. epa chose Geoff Caddick for this assignment as he is based there and knows the Icelandic soccer player very well from coverages of various Premier League matches of Gylfi's club Swansea City. Vidskiptabladid chose one of the images for the front-page of their monthly supplement 'Eftir Vinnu'. Furthermore, the editors chose another image for a double page spread opening the story and used almost all photos for their story on the midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson.






Special Assignment Images: Polka Magazine, The Impact of Ultranationalist Discourse on a Village

Polka Magazine:

The Impact of Ultranationalist Discourse on a Village

The people of Tiszasvasvari were the first to have elected a representative of the Hungarian radical nationalist political party Jobbik, The Movement for a Better Hungary. Polka Magazine was interested in how the village has evolved since the election of the Jobbik mayor and how it translates into the everyday life of that community. Therefore, the focus was on those who support the Jobbik party and ideals - including some of the key figures as well as the tensions it might have created within the area.




Special Assignment Images: Dirndl Meets Kimono - An Austrian-Japanese Cultural Project

'Dirndl Meets Kimono'

An Austrian-Japanese Cultural Project

The austriafashionshowjapan was presented on the occasion of the Austrian-Japanese cultural year 09. The project is a cooperation between young Austrian and Japanese fashion designers, who redesigned the traditional Austrian dress Dirndl and the Japanese costume Kimono. Under the patronage of the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo the Japanese shooting stars Shida Tatsuya, kila, mifrél und HISUI and the Austrian newcomers KM/A, Pitour, Sophie Skach and Gina Drewes showed their remarkable designs to the public within the Japanese Fashion Week in Tokyo.





Special Assignment Images: WOMAN, Verlagsgruppe News, Vanessa Swarovski Homestory

WOMAN, Verlagsgruppe News:

Vanessa Swarovski Home-Story

The Austrian publishing house Verlagsgruppe News was looking for a photographer for a home-story on Vanessa Swarovski to be published in its women and lifestyle magazine WOMAN. This was one of the few occasions she allowed journalists into her home. The reportage was to not only depict her jewellery but also provide a personal view on the person Vanessa Swarovski and her family – showing portraits, full length shots and the family together. In addition, our client Verlagsgruppe News asked for lifestyle images of her mansion and the estate.




Special Assignment Images: Bloomberg Markets Magazine, Cooking Stoves for Uganda

Bloomberg Markets Magazine:

Cooking Stoves for Uganda

Bloomberg Markets Magazine was doing a piece on 'Carbon Capitalists', featuring a story about Land Rover UK providing inexpensive cooking stoves to Uganda. Shooting the stoves in actual use was one challenge, but our photographer had to find them first. He worked with his local contacts and delivered images that covered all aspects of the Rover Stove success story, from manufacture to people cooking on them in their homes. epa images helped personalize an important Bloomberg global finance story.




Special Assignment Images: Axel Springer Schweiz, Eyjafjallajökull – Six Months after the Eruption

Axel Springer:

Eyjafjallajökull – Six Months After The Eruption

For its new magazine Beobachter Natur the Swiss branch of publishing house Axel Springer was looking for a photographer to accompany a reportage in Iceland who was flexible and able to climb mountains. In the end a climb onto the volcano was not possible due to the weather conditions. Therefore, a plane was chartered to take photos. Apart from images of the Eyjafjallajökull, they requested portraits of people living along the volcano and scientists exploring the eruption.



 Special Assignment Images: Bloomberg Markets Magazine, Fiat and the Agnelli Family

Bloomberg Markets Magazine:

Fiat and the Agnelli Family

To illustrate a story on Fiat and the Agnelli family, Bloomberg Markets Magazine needed photography of new Fiat models and senior Company managers appearing at the Frankfurt Auto Show. epa provided a top photojournalist with both reportage and auto photography experience to cover the event. Bloomberg also wanted archival photography of the Agnelli family that was unavailable through normal channels. Working with our partner ANSA, epa researchers uncovered a unique visual history of the Agnelli's that provided depth and context to the Bloomberg story.