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epaselect, a collection of epa's most relevant images based on visual appeal, newsworthiness or both, has been launched to accommodate the picture industry's ever-growing need to find the best pictures fast and efficiently.

epaselect-tagged images are automatically pushed to our regular subscribers at two hourly intervals via ftp (tag: "epaselect"). The photo selection spans all image categories ranging from economy, business and finance through to human interest, sports, arts, culture and entertainment.

The unique tag epaselect identifies these pictures in the object name, caption and keyword field.

For customers using and researching on our online database webgate, the selection is available under the product filter "epaselect" on the left hand pane.

In case of any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us with us via email or call us at +49 69 244 321 866.


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