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Religion Photos

epa offers a comprehensive selection of religion photos. Such images focus on all of the world's major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as well as features on more localised customs and beliefs, such as explorations of Buddhist or Sikh traditions, for example. epa’s coverage contains pictures illustrating every aspect of religious life, including major festivals, customs and beliefs, and the activities of different religious bodies or individuals, and their influence on political life. epa's offerings on Cults and sects can also be found within this category.


Belief / Faith Photos

In the category belief and faith epa has a large collection of images associated with all world beliefs as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. epa images show rituals, festivals, celebrations, sacrifices, pilgrimages, public services, prayers and customs of the faithful.

Churches (Organisations) Photos

epa's wide offering of images of church organisations includes sacred and holy places, prophet anniversaries, commemorations, world summits of religious leaders, religious seminars, election of church leaders, traditions, practices and news related to any world church organization.


Cults and Sects Photos

In the category cults and sects epa includes a selection of images such related to doctrines and beliefs from various cult organizations and international communities. epa has photographs of devotee celebrations, activities related to the worship to gods and goddesses linked to ancestral traditions.