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Sports Photos

epa european pressphoto agency has a superb reputation for sports coverage which has always been an outstanding element of epa's general service. From our professional team of photographers and photo editors you may expect unique sports photos of numerous competitions around the globe.

Beside the most important sports events such as the FIFA World Cups, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, epa’s sports production ranges from a comprehensive Formula One coverage to a consistent follow up of the European soccer cups, a complete proposal of the winter sports world cups and the major golf tournaments. Furthermore, epa provides exceptional sports categories like Speedway, Freestyle Skiing, Surfing, Rugby and many more. epa’s impressive sports photos expresses the fundamental characteristics that make up sport itself: speed, strength, elegance, power, technique and, of course, emotion.


Alpine Skiing Photos

epa’s winter sports coverage includes alpine skiing photos – a discipline with several individual sub disciplines for example: Slalom and Giant Slalom, and the speeding disciplines such as the downhill and Super G. Alpine skiing is widely covered by epa throughout the entire season. During the winter season epa covers almost all of the world cup races which mostly take place in the European Alps. Furthermore, epa also provides images of the World Championships and the Olympic Games, covering the skiing races with numerous experienced Alpine Sports photographers. The so called "Alpine Skiing nations" are Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Norway, Italy, Finland, Sweden, France, Croatia and Slovenia.

American Football Photos

Originating from the sport of Rugby, American Football is the most popular sport in the United States. epa serves a consistent photo coverage of North America's professional American Football league, the National Football League (NFL), which culminates in the season's highlight, the Super Bowl, the most popular single-day sporting event not only in the US but also in the world as one of the most-watched club sporting events.


Archery Photos

Archery is a competitive sport that has been used historically for hunting and combat. In the 1840s the British Grand National Archery Society turned recreational archery into a modern sport with standardised rules and new techniques. Modern competitive archery involves shooting arrows at a target, testing accuracy from a set distance or distances. Archery debuted at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris and has featured as a competition in the Summer Olympics since 1972. It therefore makes up part of epa’s sports coverage.

Athletics, Track and Field Photos

Track and field athletes - often referred to as 'Kings of Sports' - measure their strength not only during the heroic competitions of the Olympic Summer Games, but also in various trials and international championships. epa provides excellent athletics, track and field photos of the competitions which also includes portraying the athlete’s ambition to go for gold as well as the medal ceremonies.


Badminton Photos

Badminton is a racket sport whereby two opposing players or two pairs score points against each other by striking a shuttlecock on a rectangular court divided by a net. The sport requires excellent fitness, aerobic stamina, agility, explosive strength, speed, precision, good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racket movements. Since 1992, Badminton has been an Olympic discipline and epa provides a broad coverage of Olympic badminton competitions as well as tournaments in Asia and Europe.

Baseball Photos

Widely known as the America's Pastime, baseball has become a global sport with a multitude of Major League Baseball (MLB) players coming from especially Latin America and Asia. epa's photo coverage of baseball includes regular season coverage of America's MLB with emphasis on the mid-season and mid-summer Baseball All-Star Weekend and the month-long end of season and early fall baseball playoffs culminating with the week-long Baseball World Series between the Champions of the American and National Leagues. epa's coverage encompasses not only the action and drama of baseball but the culture and history of the game.


Basketball Photos

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and epa provides a wide selection of basketball photos showing ball possession, ball moving, player positions, and the dramaturgy of the game’s deciding factor sometimes in the very last second of playing time. Basketball is a very complex sport combining various techniques of shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding. epa has numerous basketball photos of the NBA, the Euroleague, FIBA World Cup and FIBA Eurobasket tournaments assuring a comprehensive coverage of this discipline and its championships.

Biathlon Photos

The interplay of the disciplines of shooting and cross country skiing make biathlon a complex winter sport combining high precision at the shooting range with the power of endurance in the cross country ski run. The art of remaining composed at the shooting range and to compete to the last in the ski track, make the biathlon a dramatic sport to watch. The individual and sprint races, pursuit, mass start and relay competitions of the Biathlon World Cup are an integral part of epa’s general service as well as the biathlon events of the Olympic Winter Games and the World Championships.


Bobsleigh Photos

Although sledding had been popular in northern countries for a very long time, bobsleighing is a quite modern sport. It originates from two skeleton sleds being attached together with a board and a steering mechanism at the front of the bobsled, which was originally adapted in St. Moritz, Switzerland. epa provide photos of the Bobsleigh World Cup competitions in which teams of two or four make timed runs down iced tracks as well as the Olympic bobsleigh competitions. Both these events form part of our general service.

Boxing Photos

Originating from the ancient Greeks and being accepted as an Olympic game in 688 B.C, boxing evolved from 16th and 18th century prize fights, largely in Great Britain, to the forerunner of modern boxing in the mid-19th century. Today, boxing is among the most popular sports in the world, with high-profile fights garnering millions of viewers. epa’s sports picture coverage comprises a wide variety of boxing photos, including images from top boxing events all around the world.


Canoeing and Kayaking Photos

Canoeing and kayaking competitions are made up of slalom and sprint disciplines and have been featured in the Olympic Summer Games since 1936. Canoeing is a paddle sport in which competitors kneel facing forward in a canoe using a single-bladed paddle, whereas kayaking in kayaking the paddler sits in a kayak and uses a double-bladed paddle. Sprint events are held on calm water whereas slalom events require white-water courses featuring rocks. Besides the Olympic sprint and slalom competitions, epa offers comprehensive coverage of Canoe World and European Championships.

Cricket Photos

Given its relatively minority-sport status, epa’s coverage is driven by territorial demands and geographical location. High-profile Test Match series – usually a five-day affair – are given priority attention, particularly games involving England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Matches at the top-end of the sport are covered when played in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. In addition, ODI (One Day Internationals) involving the top four or five nations are invariably covered.


Curling Photos

Curling is a winter sport related to bowls and boule in which players slide polished granite stones across the ice. Two teams of four players slide the heavy stones to reach the highest number of points scored for stones resting closest to a circular target marked on the ice. Curling is part of epa's Olympic photo coverage, since it became an official discipline in the Winter Olympics in 1998. epa also offers a selected coverage of European and World Curling Championships.

Cycling Photos

Cycling as one of the most controversial sports in the world remains in the focus of international media attention due to doping allegations, which have cast a fundamental shadow on the performances of the climbing specialists, the sprint stars and the masterly all-rounders. epa kicks-off each cycling year with the Spring classics: Milan – Sanremo or La Primavera as it is called in Italy, followed by the rough terrain and cobblestone surfaced races Gent–Wevelgem, E3 Harelbeke, and the Tour of Flanders (or Ronde van Vlaanderen) in Belgium and Paris–Roubaix in France. The Ardennes classics Amstel Gold Race in the Netherlands, La Flèche Wallonne, and Liège–Bastogne–Liège (both in Belgium) are also part of the Spring classic races. epa continues its broad cycling photo coverage of numerous single day classic races, the big loops like the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia or the Vuelta a España, the Cycling World Championships and various track cycling, mountain bike and cross cycling events around the globe.


Diving Photos

Diving photos are a vital part of epa's sports picture coverage. Being part of the Summer Olympic program since 1904, diving has evolved into one of the most popular Olympic spectator sports. Divers possess many of the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers, including strength, flexibility, kinesthetic judgment and air awareness. epa provides a broad coverage of diving competitions, including the FINA World Championships, the European Championships and of course as a discipline of the Olympic Games.

Equestrian Photos

For thousands of years horses have been used for practical working purposes by man so it is no surprise that elements of this evolved at some point into a sport. Equestrian events are unique due to the interaction of the rider and horse. It is also one of the rare occasions where men and women do not take part in gender-separated competitions. From show jumping to dressage, epa provides photo coverage from major events in this fascinating field of sport.


Fencing Photos

Modern fencing, also called Olympic fencing or competitive fencing, originated from Western fencing, the martial art of fighting with blades, which dates back to the 12th century in Spain. Competitive fencing has been part of every modern Olympic Games since 1896 and is divided into three weapon categories: épée, foil, and sabre. epa offers comprehensive coverage of international fencing events, including World and European Championships, Olympic Games and a selection of world cup events.

Field Hockey Photos

Field Hockey is a fast-paced game that enjoys high popularity in Europe and the Commonwealth nations. It is action-packed and always popular among the crowds at Olympic Games for example. epa delivers photo coverage from the World Championships and from EuroHockey tournaments in addition to the annual Champions Trophy.


Figure Skating Photos

epa’s figure skating photos catch the moment of the symbiosis of technique and emotion. Various elements and moves performed by figure skaters receive a score by a panel of judges. The scores are based on how well the skaters execute the elements which are mainly jumps, spins and lifts as well as moves such as step sequences, spirals, edge moves and turns. But it is not only the technical elements that make figure skating a pleasure to watch, but also the elegance, the beauty and the gracefulness of the skaters, expressing strong emotions in the perfect interplay of music and performance. epa provides worldwide coverage of the singles, the pair skating and the ice dancing disciplines during the Olympic Winter Games, European and World Championships and the ISU World Cup events.

Golf Photos

A large variety of golf photos are available in the epa webgate – epa’s digital archive. Golf is also known as a gentlemen's game and has its own rules and etiquettes. The modern precision club and ball game originated in 15th-century Scotland and it's first major tournament, The Open Championship, was first played in 1860 in Scotland. epa offers comprehensive coverage of the four most prestigious men's golf tournaments, The Masters, the US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship as well as several European Tours around the world such as the PGA and LPGA Tour professional golf tournaments.


Gymnastics Photos

Five distinct sports fall under the umbrella of gymnastics, each featuring its own rules and regulations and requiring different skills: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, and trampoline. In artistic gymnastics, men perform in six events whereas women compete on four apparatuses. It is further broken into developmental and competitive levels. Rhythmic gymnastics, a women’s sport, requires flexibility, grace, and ballet-like movements, and performances may include five types of apparatus and floor movements performed to music. Acrobatic gymnastics is also performed to music, though different positions are conducted both in the air and on the ground by male and female competitors. Aerobic gymnastics originated from traditional aerobic dance combining aerobic activity with displays of gymnastic movements on the floor. Epa covers gymnastics at all major events including World and European Championships and Olympic and Asian Games.

Handball Photos

Handball is a physical game that features fast action and drama due its high scores and game changing moments until the very last second. It is considered by many as the second most popular ball sport on mainland Europe. It has also avid followers in Northern Africa, Asia and South America. World and European Championships and of course Olympic competitions are key events on the epa sports calendar and we cover these tournaments in depth. Furthermore, we deliver highlight photo coverage from the EHF Handball Champions League and the EHF Cup.


Horse Racing Photos

Horse Racing is one of the most ancient sports where jockeys ride horses over a certain distance. The basic premises of this equestrian sport have not changed since it began. epa offers broad photo coverage of various horse racing events taking place all over the world, including the Kentucky Derby, the Breeder's Cup, the Belmont Stakes, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, the Royal Ascot, the Epsom Derby, the Grand National, the Palio di Siena, the Melbourne Cup, races of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, White Turf races in St. Moritz and the Dubai World Cup.

Karate Photos

Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Islands in what is now Okinawa, Japan. As a striking art, karate uses punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. Despite not being an Olympic discipline as of 2014, karate is considered one of the most popular martial arts around the globe, with an estimated 50 to 100 million practitioners worldwide. epa's photo coverage encompasses international karate tournaments like the European Karate Championships.


Luge Photos

Professional Luge competitions are timed to a thousandth of a second, making it one of the most precisely timed sports in the world. There are three luge disciplines: Singles, Doubles, and the newly created Team Relay, which became an Olympic discipline during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. epa offers a broad photo coverage of the World Luge Championships, the Olympic Luge events and various World Cup competitions of the International Luge Federation (FIL).

Marathon Photos

Marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of precisely 42.195 kilometers. It was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896. Its origins go back to Greek mythology commemorating the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides. He ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated by the Greeks. Today, more than 500 marathons are held throughout the world each year. epa’s sports picture coverage offers a wide variety of marathon photos from around the globe including images from the New York Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the Boston Marathon and the London Marathon.


Motorcycling Photos

Motorcycling with its premier discipline, the MotoGP World Championship Grand Prix, is a worldwide popular racing sport. This popularity results from its dramatic races with tight battles through narrow bends and tough riders dealing with technically challenging racetracks on powerful engines. epa offers a broad range of images from three classes of Grand Prix motorcycle racing namely the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 classes. Furthermore, epa provides images of the motorcycle section of the Dakar Rally and various Motocross off-road and freestyle events.

Motor Racing Photos

The popular FIA Formula One World Championship as the highest class of motor racing generates worldwide interest and epa offers a comprehensive motor racing photos of each and every Formula One Grand Prix in the circuit, including training, qualifying, press conferences, race action and the winner’s celebration from Dubai to Melbourne, from Monaco to Montreal. You can expect a colorful multifaceted selection of motor racing photos of this glamorous, high-profile racing series, whose popularity results in big profits and hundreds of millions in investments.


Motor Rallying Photos

Rallying, with its two outstanding competitions World Rally Championship (WRC) and Dakar Rally, is a motorsport which takes place on public or private roads and off-road courses instead of racing circuits. Rally drivers compete in special stages between set control points and can win the competition by speed within the stages or by choosing the ideal route to set the best stage time. The Dakar Rally, with its particularly tough sections forcing drivers to cross dunes, mud and rocks, is the best example in which drivers fight with their machines against the elements. Both of these dramatic and spectacular motorsport events, WRC and Dakar, are fully covered by epa.

Nordic Skiing Photos

Photos of Nordic Skiing competitions make up a regular part of epa’s sports picture service. Nordic Skiing is usually a combination of several winter sports such as Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, and Biathlon. As epa distinguishes most of the aforementioned sports in their own categories, we recognize Nordic Skiing mainly as Cross Country Skiing. The main styles used in Cross Country Skiing are Classic and Freestyle Skiing, which are both also combined in the Skiathlon event. To gain more attention, XC Skiing races are being held in several audience-friendly formats such as Mass Start, Sprint, Relay and Pursuit in which athletes compete during the FIS World Cup series including the challenging Tour de Ski, the Olympic Winter Games and the Nordic Ski World Championships.


Rowing Photos

Rowing, an aquatic sport which dates back to ancient times involves propelling a boat on water using oars. In order to move the boat forward, athletes have to generate a force by pushing an oar against the water. Modern rowing as a competitive sport is made up of a number of different boat classes, ranging from a single scull to an eight person shell with a coxswain. The most important rowing competitions during the Olympic Summer Games, the World Championships, the European Championships and several World Cup events are a consistent part of epa’s sports coverage.

Rugby Union Photos

Rugby union, is one of two versions of Rugby Football, a contact team sport which originated in England in the 19th century. The game in its most common form is held between two teams of 15 players using an oval-shaped ball on a rectangular field with H-shaped goalposts on each try line. The most important tournament in rugby union is the Rugby World Cup, a men's tournament that takes place every four years. Additional major international tournaments are the Six Nations Championship being held in Europe and the Rugby Championship held in the Southern hemisphere. All three tournaments are a consistent part of epa's sports coverage.


Sailing Photos

Competitive sailing, the main variety of yacht racing, consists of various race formats and different boat models, such as dinghies, catamarans and ocean racing yachts. Sailing competitions, known as regattas, are divided into several formats: short course racing like the Olympic sailing competitions and the epic America’s Cup match races, inshore racing, offshore racing like the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and spectacular Oceanic Racing, including the Volvo Ocean Race, the Global Challenge and the Clipper Round the World Race. You can find multifaceted sailing coverage in epa’s sports photo production.

Shooting Photos

Shooting is a competitive sport with competitors using different types of rifles, pistols and shotguns, and is categorized by the type of firearm, target and distance. The founder of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and French pistol champion Pierre de Coubertin contributed to the inclusion of five shooting events in the 1896 Olympic Games. Since then, shooting has been part of the Olympic programme, with events constantly evolving due to new technology and social standards. Rifle shooting, combined with cross country skiing, is also an integral part of the winter sport biathlon. Additionally, shooting events during the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games are covered by epa sports photographers.


Ski Jumping Photos

Ski Jumping with it's Norwegian roots dates back to the 19th century and is one of the basic winter sports. The famous Holmenkollen ski jumping hill near Oslo is its centre of origin. epa provides constant photo coverage of the Ski Jumping World Cup series, which is divided into three types of hills: the Normal Hill, Large Hill and Ski Flying competitions. epa places its main focus on the prestigious Four Hills Tournament, the ski jumping competitions form part of the Olympic Winter Games and the Nordic Ski World Championships. In addition, there is a selection of women's Ski Jumping World Cup events as well as the Nordic Combined World Cup competition in which ski jumping is one of the two elements making up this traditional Nordic winter sport.

Snow Boarding Photos

epa also features photos of snow boarding - a winter sport that gains more and more attention because of its rising popularity which is due not only to the various disciplines at the Winter Olympic Games. Since snow boarding has become an established winter sport, it has created various styles with its own technique with the following most common styles: freeride, freestyle, halfpipe and cross racing. epa offers a comprehensive coverage of the Olympic snow boarding events and the World Championships as well as a selected coverage of World Cup events organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and some independent snow boarding contests.


Soccer Photos

Soccer is probably the largest discipline and a calling card of epa’s sport coverage, offering a huge amount of soccer photos from all the important competitions and matches worldwide: FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO Soccer Championship, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish Primera Division, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Copa Libertadores, FIFA Club World Cup, women soccer and a numerous selection of cup matches, qualifiers and friendlies worldwide.

Speed Skating Photos

epa provides ice speed skating photos of both types: long track speed skating and short track skating. The two ice sports are organized under the umbrella of the International Skating Union (ISU) and are part of the Winter Olympic Games with various competitions with standard distances ranging from 500 meters to 10.000 meters. Beside the Olympic speed skating and short track skating events and the ISU World Cup competitions, epa also provides coverage of marathon outdoor competitions on natural ice in the Netherlands if the ice conditions allow.


Speedway Photos

Speedway is an outdoor motorcycle sport held on a flat oval track, usually consisting of dirt, shale or dolomite, whereby competitors use the surface to slide their motorcycles sideways into the bends. Four or six riders compete in four anti-clockwise laps on the oval circuit. The Speedway World Championship is made up of Speedway Grand Prix events, a series of twelve races taking place all over the world. epa offers selective Speedway Grand Prix coverage from countries in Central and Northern Europe where motorcycle speedway is very popular.

Surfing Photos

The water sport of surfing is gaining increasing popularity around the world. More and more surf enthusiasts rush to the beaches to showcase their skills in impressive pipeline rides, daring loops and tricky manoeuvres. You can expect wide photo coverage from all areas of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour on the famous beaches of Australia, California and Hawaii. Additionally, epa provides surfing photos from various freestyle events, windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions from around the globe including the popular surf spots in the Cape, South Africa, the stomping ground of one of our expert shooters specialized in surfing and sailing: Nic Bothma.


Swimming Photos

From the starter's gun and the leap from the starting block, from the moment when fingertips touch the water's surface, around the turns and the last lane to the final stretch, epa's swimming photos, from every angle at the water’s surface and underwater, show the powerful performances of professional swimmers to reach fame and glory at international swimming championships.

Table Tennis Photos

Table tennis is an indoor racquet sport, also known as ping pong. Either two players or two teams of two players compete on a hard table divided in half by a net, using table tennis paddles to hit a lightweight ball back and forth. A player or team scores a point when the opponent fails to return the ball within the rules. The game dates back to the 19th century, originating in England and was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1988. Table tennis competitions are part of epa’s general service coverage during Olympic Summer Games, World and European Championships.


Taekwon-do Photos

The Korean martial art Taekwondo is a combination of self-defense techniques and combat, and is also known as either Taekwon-Do, or Tae Kwon Do. In 2000, the sparring discipline Gyeorugi became part of the Summer Olympic competition schedule. Taekwondo was developed by a variety of Korean masters during the 1940s as a fusion of the ancient practices of Taekkyeon and Gwonbeop, Okinawan karate and Chinese martial arts. epa’s sports photo coverage includes a variety of Taekwondo images, including the WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships.

Tennis Photos

Tennis is another popular worldwide spectator sport and brings a tremendous production of tennis photos due to a steady consecutiveness of tournaments throughout the year. epa's focus on the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Australian Open, French Open, the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open is supplemented by a consistent coverage of the men's ATP Tour and the women's WTA Tour. In addition epa has a variety of tennis images of the men's Davis Cup and the women's Fed Cup ties.


Triathlon Photos

A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three sequential endurance disciplines in immediate succession, these traditionally being swimming, cycling and running. The first triathlon is considered to have taken place in France in the 1920s, whereas the first modern swim/cycle/run event to have been called a 'triathlon' was held in San Diego, California, in 1974. Since then it has enjoyed ever-growing international popularity, with the most recognized ultra-distance being branded the 'Ironman' triathlon. epa provides broad photo coverage of international triathlon competitions, including the Ironman World Championship, the Triathlon European Cup and the ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Volleyball Photos

Volleyball is an indoor team sport whereby two teams of six players compete on a hard court. In order to score points the ball has to be grounded on the opponent’s court. Volleyball players use consistent techniques, the major ones being spiking and blocking on top of the net, as well as serving, passing and setting the ball. A variation of this sport is beach volleyball played by two teams of two players on an outdoor sand court. You can expect wide photo coverage from epa of numerous volleyball and beach volleyball events, including World and European Championships, Olympic Games and various international tournaments around the globe.


Water Polo Photos

Water polo is a team water sport which is popular in many European countries mainly in Southern and Eastern Europe. It was among the first team sports introduced at the modern Olympic Games in 1900. The game involves two teams of seven players throwing a nylon water polo ball to score goals. The major water polo events during the Olympic Summer Games, World and European Championships are part of epa’s broad sports coverage.

Weightlifting Photos

Weightlifting is an athletic discipline in which an athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. The two competition lifts of the so-called Olympic weightlifting in order are the snatch and the clean and jerk disciplines and is part of the modern Olympic weightlifting programme since 1972. epa offers a regular coverage of the Olympic weightlifting competitions, World and European Championships.


Wrestling Photos

The combat sport of wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat which occupied a prominent place in the culture of ancient Greece and served also as a competition of the ancient Olympic Games. Wrestling involves various grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. International wrestling disciplines are defined into Greco-Roman Wrestling and Freestyle Wrestling, which are both Olympic disciplines and are part of epa’s regular coverage as well as Wrestling World Championships and European Championships.