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epa european pressphoto agency has a superb reputation for sports coverage and provides unique sports pictures of various competitions around the globe. From our professional team of photographers and photo editors you may expect impressive sports pictures of the athletes' fight for Gold in various disciplines, the participating teams, fans, awards shows, and supplementary coverage of the events.


epa's large variety of sports pictures includes these recent events:

Cycling Giro d'Italia
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Motorcycling Grand Prix
Grand Prix of France »   |    Grand Prix of Aragón »    |   MotoGP Season 2020 »

Basketball NBA Finals
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Soccer European Leagues
Bundesliga »   |   La Liga »   |   Ligue 1 »   |
Premier League »   |   Serie A »

F1 Eifel Grand Prix
All images »   |   F1 Grand Prix Season 2020 »

Tennis French Open
All images » | Tennis Grand Slams »

MLB Baseb​all
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Cycling Tour de France
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NFL American Football
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