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War Photos

epa has worldwide network of photographers which stands for a reliable and independent coverage. This network allows an unbiased account on current conflicts, wars and protests. Our war photos comprise the Balkan conflicts, the invasion of Iraq, the school hostage in Beslan, as well as the Syrian civil war, and the wars in AfghanistanSomalia, and Libya, to name but a few.

In addition to front-line war images you also find photos in this category which are related to wars or incidents that might lead to wars or armed conflicts: images from the offspring of protests, violent demonstrations and riots or terrorist attacks.


Acts of Terror Photos

epa's broad network of photographers allows us to provide acts of terror photos from around the world. Our coverage comprises local and international terrorism which might be politically, religiously, or ideologically motivated. epa's acts of terror photos range from bomb attacks to self-immolations in the Mideast, commemorations of the 9/11 attacks in the USA, the 11-M train bombings in Madrid's Atocha station, ETA attacks, or persecution attempts of former state terrorism in Argentina or Chile as well as the 2011 attacks of Anders Breivik in Norway.

Armed Conflict Photos

Since its early days epa's news feed includes armed conflict photos. The imagery globally spans from former Yugoslavia to Colombia, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Over the last few years, epa's armed conflict photos documented the situation in Darfur, Libya, and Mali as well as the civil war in Syria and the Mexican drug war. Our photojournalists provide you with an unbiased account of the situation showing combat scenes, ongoing negotiations as well as the impact on civilians.


Civil Unrest Photos

Whenever public discontent reaches a certain limit people might favor to gather and express their deprecation in common protests, marches, or assemblies. In recent years epa photographers took photos of civil unrests in Turkey, Thailand and, again, in Kiev, Ukraine, which had already been the venue for the Orange Revolution in 2004/2005. In major cities throughout India protesters condemned a gang rape in New Delhi and the lack of adequate security for women whereas in France especially young people were raising their voices against same sex marriage.

Conflicts Photos

epa provides images ranging from the beginning, through to the height and the possible resolutions of conflicts between opposing nations, parties, or interest groups. Conflicts photos show captivating, often heart-breaking scenes of side-effects on human beings, picture endeavors to find diplomatic solutions, and also include graphic war-scenes, final ceasefires and violent clashes. This category encompasses political conflicts freshly springing up as well as long-simmering conflicts such as the one in Kashmir, or suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan highlighting the persistence of regional conflicts.


Crisis Photos

epa's collection of crisis photos illustrates crises affecting human populations in the context of war. Crises may be sparked by various factors, such as economics, politics, or environment, but it is generally considered that a crisis results in a dangerous, unstable situation for the country or region involved. epa provides complete, non-bias coverage of crises, including relevant reactions at home and abroad, key events, and turning points in a given crisis. A recent example would be the crisis gripping Ukraine.

Massacre Photos

deliberate killing of a group of people, or mass murder, are found in the massacre category. In terms of imagery, epa offers pictures depicting commemorative events for historical cases of massacre, attended by public figures and relatives, as well as coverage of ongoing conflicts, depending on developments and the gravity of a given conflict. Examples include images relating to the Holocaust, the Katyn Massacre, the Rwandan Genocide, the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, the Nanjing Massacre, as well as indiscriminate mass killings by individuals, as in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre.


Riots Photos

epa's collection of photos illustrating riots show scenes of mass protest that have gone beyond peaceful demonstrations and resulted in public disturbance. Often linked to the political climate of a given country or region, riots can be sparked because of many reasons, such as rejection of austerity measures imposed by a government or organization, or the killing of an individual by an authority. In terms of imagery, epa offers coverage of current and historical cases of rioting, such as the London 2011 riots over the death of Mark Duggan or the on-going riots in Brazil over hosting the World Cup.

Violent Demonstrations Photos

epa's imagery relating to violent demonstrations overlaps with the riots sub-category, though refers more specifically to politically-motivated mass uprisings that have become violent. Protest movements that have culminated in deaths, destruction of property, or have led to the dispatch of riot police or members of the military would fall under this category. epa offers pictures from all angles of violent demonstrations, including clashes between authorities and protesters, clashes between rival protesters, and government responses. Recent examples would include civilian uprisings in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine against respective governments.


General War Photos

epa's wide selection of images depicting war are found in this sub-category. This includes photographs illustrating armed conflicts themselves, such as fighting between opposing armed forces, armed forces and rebels, or between other rival groups, as well as the impact of war on civilians, government responses and reactions by the international community. Aside from on-going coverage of current wars, as in the Syrian Civil War or the Central African Republic conflict, epa also offers photographs of commemorative events and photo essays that relate to wars, including a package marking the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.